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Stay and Play at the Top of the Strip. Stay  at the Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas.
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Thrill Rides at the Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas

Insanity Ride at the Stratosphere
Not all the scariest rides are roller coasters, a fact that everyone who has been to the top of the Space Needle like Stratosphere hotel in Vegas knows only too well.

Perched over the Strip, the most frightening of the Stratosphere’s three rides is an electric-green-colored centrifuge called Insanity, which extends 64 feet over the north edge of the tower. Spinning over 40 mph, riders are angled down by 70 degrees so all they see is the street, 900 feet below. Opened in 2005, it is the second highest thrill ride in the world, and truly one of the world’s most harrowing rides.

XScream Ride at the Stratosphere
If you chicken out on the Insanity Ride, try the Xscream. The appropriately titled X-Scream is only slightly less frightening, propelling riders head first 27 feet over the edge of the building in a roller-coaster car, and dangling them in a weightless state before retracting the car and then repeating the whole thing at a steeper angle. Tip: the back seats are less scary, the front seats requires a change of underwear after the ride.

Big Shot Ride at the Stratosphere
This is the one that made the Stratosphere famous. You're strapped into a chair with your legs dangling, and then they shoot you straight up the tower's steeple, 160 feet in two seconds, at four G's. Then they freefall you so you get negative G's, then shoot you up again! If this ride started at ground level it would be scary, but add to that the fact that you're a thousand feet from the ground and it's terrifying. As you're going up you worry that the brakes will fail and you'll go straight off the steeple and land down the strip at the Sahara.